Maite Dalila
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Making experiences, better

I design experiences that are simple, inclusive and authentic.

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Every word read, every visual seen, every interaction made, every line of code written, people should always be taken into consideration.

About Me

I'm a UX designer passionate about crafting solutions that empower people. 

People say I am eclectic, curious, and down to earth.  Personally, I just love cats... dogs… all animals really. I don’t discriminate.

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What people are saying...


Jason James
UX Designer, MBA, ThinkRite

For the UX/UI fulltime boot camp (at IronHack,Fall 2017), we had the most amazing instructors, Maite and Keri. Maite has done UX in London and is world class.  Seriously. She eats, sleeps, drinks UX. Like I'm almost worried she needs to get to the beach more :-). She pushed us very hard to be our best, yet I knew everyday she cared for us. You can't fake that. 


Chris Williams
3D javascript Engineer, Magic Leap

Maite creates seamless interactions between humans and technology. She conducts rigorous research, planning, and testing so that when you go into the development process you know you are working with the most streamlined prototype. She is deeply rooted in the UX community through social media and networking and is constantly coming up with new techniques and ideas to further the field. In a time where User Experience is being realised as a necessity rather than an option, Maite is a huge asset to have.


Orpha Rivera, Senior UX Designer, Rightpoint

Maite and I attended the UXDI 10 week full-time course together in London. She was so focused in class and on the topics a very good student and always ahead on her assignments before anyone else. She wasn't afraid to explore topics in depth and had a blog she would keep up to date during class which was filled with UX current news & resources.